You Need an Ally!

IT procurement Heros for Government, Non-Profit and Education

State and local government, non-profit and education staff can be IT procurement heroes via tools like peer reviews of vendors and cooperative purchase contract options.

In our field as Information Technology professionals, our organizations count on us to make things happen, keep them running and bring extraordinary value to the table. Getting partnered with great IT providers is critical. That’s where the GoodGovIT comes to the rescue. Be an IT procurement guru and help reduce inefficiencies and increase successful technology project results.

We are here to serve you with two powerful tools:

  • Vendor reviews – Open, honest and transparent reviews about vendors. Check here before engaging with a potential new vendor or pay it forward by adding reviews for vendors you have experience with.
  • Procurement Vehicle aggregation – When you are searching for a new vendor, knowing the procurement vehicles they are connected to gives you an important leg up to move quickly and within procurement rules in your organization.

The power of shared knowledge

Here at GoodGovIT we believe in sharing and keeping both sides of the vendor relationship honest and held to high standards. Member organization staff can pay it forward by leaving detailed reviews of vendors, rating aspects of the product and services received, in order to assist you in making a great IT vendor decision. In turn, we trust that you too will take a few minutes to add reviews and share both strengths and opportunities about vendors in an open, transparent and honest manner.

This sharing of experiential knowledge is powerful. We invite vendors to add their listings here and upgrade to more feature-rich listings making it easy to connect.

Low Cost Membership

Thanks to our business model, we are able to offer low cost memberships to all state and local government, K-12, higher education and non-profit staff. Whether you are an IT administrator, manager, executive or perhaps a procurement manager, we want to help you serve your community through good IT vendor relationships.

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